Thank you for purchasing Chevron Havoline® quality motor oil. We would very much appreciate your feedback on the Havoline SMART CHANGE® user experience. This will be used to inform any ongoing refinement work and product viscosity grade stocking decisions.
  1. How would you rate the SMART CHANGE user experience compared to using plastic bottles?
    Equal to
  1. Do you intend to purchase SMART CHANGE again?
  1. What product did you purchase?
    Havoline® PRO-RS® Renewable Full Synthetic Motor Oil
    Havoline® LIFELONG Full Synthetic Motor Oil
    Havoline® PRO-DS® Full Synthetic Motor Oil
    Havoline® High Mileage Synthetic Technology Motor Oil
    Havoline® Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
    Havoline® Motor Oil
  1. Was the product or viscosity grade you intended to purchase in stock?
    If no, what product and viscosity did you intend to purchase?

    As a reminder, additional Havoline Smart Change viscosity grades are available on
  1. How did you use SMART CHANGE?
    I did the oil change myself
    Someone else did the oil change for me (i.e. family, friend or professional installer)
  1. Did you use the SMART CHANGE container to recycle your used motor oil?
  1. Please rank the relative importance of these aspects of SMART CHANGE:
    (1 - Very important, 2 - Neutral, 3 - Least important)
    Eco-friendly packaging (70% less plastic and a recyclable box)
    Value (6-Quarts of quality oil for the price you paid)
    Glug free pour
  1. Please provide additional comments or feedback regarding your SMART CHANGE user experience.
  1. Select your age range.
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